AUTHOR: Baruch, Exiles, two unknown compilers
DATE OF COMPOSITION: Either 598 or 586 BC
ORIGINAL LANGUAGE: Hebrew (non-extant)
EXTANT VERSIONS: Greek, Syriac, Latin
Baruch is a document is composed of the following elements: Show

1. An unknown compiler’s preface to the Scroll of Baruch (1:1~2)
2. A second unknown compiler’s preface to the Prayer of the Exiles (1:3~10a)
3. The Prayer of the Exiles (1:10b~3:8)
4. The Scroll of Baruch (3:9~5:9)

1 Baruch is not in the Jewish canon, but used by the church fathers.
Its lack of frequent quotations from these fathers certainly comes from the fact that it is a small book. Even so, Irenaeus has a substantial quotation from it where he quotes two full chapters without break. Jerome regarded it as non-canonical.

CRITICIAL BOOK TEXT:  1 Baruch critical text


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